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The Face The Adjustment Book




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The -  Face The Adjustment, Book

Insta - gram - Getting the instant meaning from your lifes trials and tribulations

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The Voice of Austria 3K

The Voice of Germany 200K

The Voice Greece 2K

The Voice of Holland 74K

The Voice of Ireland 8K

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Ace Frehley

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Worlds No.1

Chiropractor & KISS Fan,

Author and Speaker


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Authored Mentor

Dr. John Demartinis 60th Birthday Book

as a gift of thank you for the many lessons of inspiration through my personal journey of authenticity

Is it time to FACE and UNMASK your true authentic self? To KISS Goodbye your 7 Fears & Regrets and see lifes masked order (hidden blessings)?

Authored Mentors


Dalai Lamas 80th Birthday Book

Tony Robbins 55.5th Birthday Book

as a gift of thank you for the many lessons of inspiration through my personal journey of authenticity


FACE THE ADJUSTMENT | Dr. Jim Skivalidas

KISS Fan 30+Years

Authored 8 Kiss Inspirational Quotes Books

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UNMASK Your Life's Hidden Order


"Thank You - You've Made My Day"'

Dr. Demartini thanks Jim and presents his birthday book to his students in Sydney


Celebrating Gene Simmons (+ his mum) Ace Frehley, and the lives of other current members of KISS for their celebration inspiration for the past 30+ years,


Perosnally thanked Paul Stanley, for inspiring me with my logo. and for inspiring me to write my first book.


The infusion of Chiropractic Life Principles and celebration of ones highest vaues

"I love the book" 

Paul Stanley

Thanks Jim for the gift  

"Face The Music

- My Experience SKIV"

at Kiss Kruise IV

Expertise Dr. Jim SKIV

- The benefits of Chiropractic Pediatrics

- Sleep and Wake refreshed - Chiropractic Mattresses

- How your emotions affect your physiology and body

- Posture - the window to your spine and interface to the world

- Up for a drink? The world of water, food , diet and toxins

Discover how to empower and VOICE

Body, Mind, and Sleep through

SKIV's  'DREAM for Well-Being Movement' and apply THE ADJUSTMENT to

Unmasking Your 7 Areas of Life.

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