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The Face The Adjustment Book




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Face The Adjustment, The Book

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The Voice of Austria 3K

The Voice of Germany 200K

The Voice Greece 2K

The Voice of Holland 74K

The Voice of Ireland 8K

The Voice UK 50K

The Voice USA 5K



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Ace Frehley

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I believe in the


- human right to be healthy

- powerful and unlimited innate resourceful guide and drive

- profound effect of the adjustment

Expertise topics and programs

- Be HUMAN : The DREAM for Well-Being Method)

- Drink, eat, detox and lose weight

- Rest, sleep, and wake refreshed

- Emotions, stress, gratitude and relationship harmony

- Activity, posturecising & longevity

- Maximise life being present - see both sides

- iadjust: The 7 Pillars / Areas of Life

Authored Books From

Demartini to Dalai Lama

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Dr. Jim Skivalidas



Passionate fan beem to over 17 concerts in 30 Years :)


Authored and presented over 7 Kiss Books on inspirational quotes to the current and previous band members and their family and how 40 years on the band continue their inspiring legacy to me and others!

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HOW in 1 HOUR of Crisis I saw...

the REGRETS of losing my home and business, and

the GRATITUDE of a 'MASKED' order that catapult me

to re-establish my priorities and express my true authentic self

Be Human : Dream For Wellbeing

inspired by the Olympics Logo